Door Upholstery  $280.00

B & R Auto Upholstery and Tires

When I bought the Mustang the fabric on the door panel was peeling off. It kept getting caught on the seat belt which made it peel even more. I decided I may be able to reuse it if I got it off in once piece. Well I couldn't and I road around without any fabric for about a year. I recently had both doors redone and the color is closer to the door panels color and the Mustang looks great. 

Center Console Replacement $65.00

Center Console Armrest Pad Charcoal V6/GT 2005-2009

The wonders of LA I guess; I went to the state park of all places and someone went into my Mustang and stole my iPhone and destroyed my console trying to get into it. All they had to do was push a little button. Must have been kids or just real stupid. Anyhow, I am looking to purchase and replace this soon.

I found a replacement, a lid pad replacement.  There are  4 pieces to the console cover. I am replacing the pad from EBay for $50, . The other 3 pieces are the hinge, mounting plate and release mechanism which were not damaged, thankfully. 

2008 Mustang Console Lid Replacement
Console Lid Replacement

Mustang Floor Mats $79.99

Lloyd Front & Rear Floor Mats - Black

The floor mats arrived for the Mustang and I am very pleased. The fabric on them seems well put together and it is thick and heavy. They are cut to fit my car and went in and even looped over the floor mount perfectly. I have a simple plan to get some design air brushed on the mats and talked to my friend, so we shall see. 

Ford 2008 Mustang Mats

Rear Seat Kit $149.99

SpeedForm Rear Seat Delete Kit

I have some plans for the rear seat disappear kit but also have to make some modifications before doing that. First I am going to use the kit as a template to install some wood for reinforcement underneath the kit, since it’s just carpet over top of some cardboard.


The back of this is going to be visible from the trunk so I have to carpet a small portion of the back of the wood facing the trunk. I am also going to add some support to the seating section so I can use this for storage since the trunk will be filled with speaker equipment.

Rear Seat Disappear Kit

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