Ford 2008 Mustang Circuit

Prosport Mini Add-A-Circuit w/ 5 Amp Fuse A great way to get access to 12v without having to splice into a wire hardness.

My Mustang
Adding a Circuit
Ford 2008 Mustang LED

Axial 15 inch LED strips - Red Adding some under-lighting  to the front dashboard.

My Mustang
Adding LED Strips - Red
2008 Mustang LED
LED Lights

The LED's arrived for the Mustang and I tested them with a 9v battery and they lit up really well. I installed one to see the effects I was highly impressed. The only down side was the adhesive did not stick well enough, so I'm going to have to strap it down.

I liked the lights so much I bought 3 more packs. I am going to light the inside of the trunk so when you pop the lid it will light up all around seal and show off the sound system. 

I also picked up some white lights to help highlight the rear seat but haven't decided what exactly to do yet .

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