Hood Replacement

One of the things I did not notice was the swirls in the hood of the car. The hood looks to have been repainted or replaced. The reason I did not notice this was you have to stand with the light hitting the car at a certain angle to see it. Might not be much to some but compared to the rest of the car it really looks bad. Paint shop said it looked like someone took a scouring pad to it.

A few ideas have come about, one would be to see if we can get it buffed out. The other would be to either repaint it or replace the hood altogether. We shall see what I end up doing in the next few months.


So I wanted to make sure to get some before and after pictures. This is all white on my dark candy apple red car. He somehow hit my door handle and my wheel well which is a little flared out. Of course I never noticed it until later. I believe it was in the parking garage at work. I am most likely going to replace the door handle and hope the paint on the wheel well can just be buffed out.


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